About Us

Established in 19WS_IMAGE_A59, W/S Finishing is a family owned company located at 4138 Shilling Way, Dallas, TX 75237.   All management, office, and plant personnel are located at this facility allowing us to give each job the attention that is required to reach successful completion.  All phone calls are answered during our stated business hours by W/S personnel that can direct your call to the proper person.   If you prefer Email, click our  “Contact Us” page for specific email addresses as well as phone and fax numbers. 

Customer Pickup and Delivery Information

Customer Pickup Western_Truck300pxand Delivery hours are during normal business hours, 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  After hours pickup or delivery is available if prior authorization has been arranged before the driver(s) arrive at our office.  Prior authorization allows us to have personnel available to assist the driver(s).



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